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Below is a commonly asked FAQ, Minimum Requirements, our standard contract, and some links for further information. This should answer most questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

$20 per hour under 40 hours; $16.50 per hour over 40 hours; $10 per hour between midnight and 6:00am

Yes.  Customers pay for a minimum of 10 hours per month (or $200).  Any amount over 10 hours will be added onto the next month’s invoice as an overage.  

Food Truck Minimum: $250/month (includes Mobile Unit Membership)

Food Manufacturing/Catering: $200/month


There are no blocks of time, rather customers schedule a kitchen reservation into the calendar. There is no minimum amount of time per reservation.

No, customers can schedule time in advance for as long as they would like so long as the kitchen is available.

Yes, we offer standard metro rack shelves in dry/cold/frozen for $15 per month per shelf.

The membership is a monthly $50 fee to manage the health department affidavits and regulatory record keeping for food trucks, trailers, and other mobile units.

Most insurance companies offer general liability insurance for businesses.  It is best to ask whomever insures your car or home for their options.

As a business, we have worked with a broker for over a decade.  Brokers are great because they do the shopping for you and generally get better rates than if you approach the insurance company yourselves.  We work with  Christine at Foothills Insurance, and she is a trusted business partner.  Her email is and her phone number is (303) 469-1293.

Mark (Tri-County) 303-439-5942

Kylee Grenis (Tri-County)

Maggie (Denver County)

Minimum Requirements

Commissary Contract

Please download a copy of the standard contract: 

Commissary 5280 Contract Rev 2021


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